Keeping South Carolina Babies Safe.

Unsafe sleep is an epidemic in South Carolina.

Known practices help keep infants safe while sleeping. Help keep babies safe by using the ABCs of Safe Sleep for every baby and every sleep.

A: Alone
B: On Back
C: In a Crib

Founded in 2023 as an extension the South Carolina Program for Infant/Toddler Care, Sleep Safe SC is working to prevent infant death in home and child care settings.

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What makes a Sleep Safe environment?

Use a firm, flat, and level CPSC-certified crib mattress, covered only by a fitted sheet. Nothing else should be in the crib except an unattached pacifier.
Use a wearable blanket (a sleepsack) to keep the baby warm without loose blankets in the crib. Avoid letting the baby get too hot, and keep the baby’s head and face uncovered during sleep.
Always place babies on their backs to sleep.
NO objects, toys, pacifier clips, or other items should be in the crib.
Do NOT use heart, breathing, motion, or other monitors.
Give babies plenty of “tummy time” when they are awake and you are watching them.
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